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This journal is mostly friends only. However, all graphics entires will remain open, so don't can still see the icons ;)
Feel free to friend this journal for the graphics if you like, but I will probably not be friending anyone back unless you comment to this post, and we either know each other from somewhere (LJ, HIH/TG, or real life) or have at least a few things in common.

Thanks for visiting my journal!


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Okay so the new MacBook is affecting how my journal shows up. Anyone have any idea how/why the bars across the top of my journal (just below the header) now only show up as small boxes to the left side of the layout? I mean the boxes that say "truth is beauty" and the ones that show the title of each post....they used to be the width of the header, making the layout look all nice and uniform. Only on the Safari web browser, they only show up as smallish little boxes on the left, leaving the space they used to occupy as a pink gap that looks not quite right.

Also....does anyone know how to right-click, save-as in a Mac? I have tried right-clicking, but no save-as box appears. Nothing happens at all, actually, and I'm a little confused :/ Any tips? EDIT: The right-clicking has been solved! Apparently I just have to control-click, or I can drag & drop to my screen. Miraculous. Now if only I could solved the above problem.

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Hey everyone....

not sure if anyone still reads this or whatnot, but I was thinking of you all & missing you & just wanted to say hello.

so....hello ;) and I hope all of you are doing well, & please know I think of you all often, despite how busy college might be.

Much Love,

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This weekend, I decided moving my mini fridge from its place on the floor to the top of one of my dressers would be a good idea. I was wrong.
I dislocated my right shoulder.
Only, at the time, even though it hurt a lot, I thought I would just take some advil and a sleeping pill, and that when I woke up everything would be okay. I was so wrong. It was awful. I woke up at like 5 in so much pain I thought I might either just pass out or throw up just from turning over on my side. It was bad enough that I called my mom and asked her to take me to the ER, which she did. The doctor took one look at my oddly held arm and called for a bunch of X-rays, which showed my right arm to be very dislocated (it was hanging down in a forwards angle almost an inch or so away from the joint) and inflamed as well. He pushed and pulled it back into place (Holy Cow!!!!! Worst pain of my entire life!!!!!!), gave me a heavy dose + prescription of pain meds & anti-inflammatories, stuck it in a sling, and ordered me not to use it.
I am really good at the one handed peck method now.

Anyway that is all I can write for a while b/c I think I am getting carpal-tunnel (sp?) in my left arm. Ha. ttyl. ♥
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Livejournal, thy name is so friggin' annoying you make me want to shoot myself in the face!

Anyone else having problems getting LJ to update, post comments, post in general, etc.....? Mine is acting like hell on a holiday. I was going to post these cute pictures from Thanksgiving but nooooo *imagine that was said very snottily* Scrapbook is in on making my life miserable as well. I keep getting an error message that says "database error" and has a bunch of numbers and crap. No idea what that means other than it annoys me :p *sigh* I temporarily am giving up. Blah.

Okay...evidently my ability to update is screwy too. Livejournal, you sketchy whore!!!! Give me my journal back!
"Error updating journal: Client error: This journal is temporarily in read-only mode. Try again in a couple minutes." ...oh, what does it mean?! *cries and bangs head against desk dramatically*


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